Amy said...

Hi Stacy!

I have some questions on how you use and organize interactive notebooks in your class. I started one, but could not keep up with it. Do you have any tips?!? AND … I am most likely stealing your personalized frames idea!!!!!!!!!!! :)



Stacy said...

Hi Amy!
I'm sorry I just saw this :( My students had, I think 3, notebooks this year. Each has a cover so they can be easily identified. I can see why they can be difficult to keep up with. I use them when I'm teaching something new. This way the students can go back and refer to them. I always set a timer. The kids that have a difficult time getting things done, come to my table and I monitor them. I think notebooks can be a pick and choose type of thing. Pick what you think is most important.

Stacy :)

Lynn Ellis said...

Hello - I just came upon this site and was reading. A lot of our suggestions are very good. However, I would like to comment on particular section where you put down experienced teachers. Being one of those teachers, I take personal offense to this statement, and find that this belief is one of the primary reasons we are having so much difficulty in education today. This statement allows the disrespect to those of us who fought along the way, to create GOOD classrooms. I believe you mentioned that we were 'offenders' of not creating a creative classroom. Well, I firmly disagree. I have continued to educate myself BEYOND my Masters degree. I work very hard to create a loving, educational classroom, and for the most part am very successful. I bond with my kids and their families each year. My growth in the classroom data wise, is solid and often goes beyond my goals. This attitude towards veteran teachers is not OK. Your writing of it, perpetuates this assumption that is detrimental to all teachers. Young teachers don't turn to us for help because of this. They find us to rule bound, or too this and that. They don't ask how we survived, how we helped to create the classrooms you all enjoy teaching in today. This mindset is unfortunate and disrespectful. Keep in mind that we often were the pioneers of change. We fought for many things to help create schools that are strong. We have built the relationships in the communities because of how long we have been in them. So, instead of mentioning that we are offenders, that we are stuck. Try having conversations with us. Try talking to us and REALLY listening. You might find we have A LOT to offer you.

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