Amy said...

Hi Stacy!

I have some questions on how you use and organize interactive notebooks in your class. I started one, but could not keep up with it. Do you have any tips?!? AND … I am most likely stealing your personalized frames idea!!!!!!!!!!! :)



Stacy Ess said...

Hi Amy!
I'm sorry I just saw this :( My students had, I think 3, notebooks this year. Each has a cover so they can be easily identified. I can see why they can be difficult to keep up with. I use them when I'm teaching something new. This way the students can go back and refer to them. I always set a timer. The kids that have a difficult time getting things done, come to my table and I monitor them. I think notebooks can be a pick and choose type of thing. Pick what you think is most important.

Stacy :)

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