Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hyperdocs for the Primary Classroom

Have you heard of the new unicorn?

Otherwise known as hyperdocs.

Hyperdocs integrate the 4 C's--collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. They add variety to your classroom instruction. They keep you, the teacher, focused on a topic. And they are fun!

What are hyperdocs?
Hyperdocs are created using hyperlinks and Google Docs (hyper + Doc=hyperdoc). 1:1 classrooms can benefit most from these since every student can work on their own devices. Hyperdocs are documents with links attached. The links take students to collaborative docs, videos, passages, websites. . . anything you can find online or save in Google Drive.

How do hyperdocs work?
Hyperdocs are shared through Google Classroom. The teacher shares the hyperdoc in Classroom and students have access. The Doc generally has a topic. It could be about butterflies, rocks, presidents, math concepts. . . Whatever you want. Once you become familiar with hyperdocs, the possibilities are endless. Here is a sample of a hyperdoc about sound.

What's inside?
Once your students open the hyperdoc, they will be able to click on the links. Here, you would begin by having your students tell what they know about sound. Each student has his/her own box to type in. All students are able to read the entries of their classmates. 
The next section is called engage with a link to a video. Teachers can assign this component as independent work. It builds background knowledge before reading an article.
 The following is the video students would see once they clicked on the link. 
Explore includes having the students read text. This can be done together or independently. Students can read the text several times. I prefer to use articles from I find an article, download it to my desktop, then upload it to my drive. I copy the link and use that for my hyperdoc. 
The final assignment on the hyperdoc is for students to make a slideshow. This is the application piece. Students can use the information gained from the video and passage. It is available for them to reference while completing their assignment. And it's all in one place. 

If you'd like to see the hyperdoc, click here

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  1. When you click on the link to see the hyperdoc it literally takes you to your drive... Wasn't sure if you knew this.


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