Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Goal Setting

Making goals is important. What successful person hasn't made goals? As a teacher you've made goals. I make tons of goals. And the teacher in me always needs some sort of visual otherwise I'm 10x more likely not to complete it.

But, do we have our students make goals? If you think about it, goals setting must be taught. Goals need to be encouraged. Students don't just set goals on their own unless they've been taught.

Student goal setting is an important part of every classroom. Each teacher goes about it in different ways. I have to admit,  I have not done a great job at this.

My goal: make goal setting a priority in my classroom.

Each time I start something new in my classroom, I have to ask myself: Will you be able to keep up with this?

I tend to abandon things if it's not convenient. I know myself.

So. . . with goals in mind, I wanted to create something that would encourage students to make goals and something I could keep up with.

I have been thinking about this for years. I mean years. I've thought of using binders or folders. Charts and banners. None of this was me. None of this was something I would be consistent with. I know myself.

So. . . here is what I came up with. It's not an everyday thing. It's not an every week thing. It's a monthly to quarterly thing.
progress passport
This binder keeps me organized and accountable.

So. . . what are some goals I want my students to have?

I want them to improve their reading fluency. I want them to add and subtract fluently. I want them to be kind. . . I want them to grow!
progress passport
And this is where the Progress Passport comes in.

The kids are responsible for taking care of it. The teacher is responsible for meeting with his/her kids and talking about goals.

The goals I have set for my students include:
  • reading fluency
  • math fact fluency
  • reading
  • homework
  • helping others
  • attendance
  • handwriting
  • personal goals 
progress passport
With each goal met, the students get to put a passport stamp into their passports. 

progress passport
And that's that! 

Goal setting comes naturally to successful people. But why? We must have been taught at some point. It only makes sense to teach goal setting in the classroom. The Progress Passport is a great way to keep our students and ourselves on the right path. Find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.


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