Thursday, July 14, 2016

Room to Write

I once heard that my local police department struggles to hire a diverse group of men and women because applicants have trouble with the writing portion of the test. I've also heard that high school students have trouble with writing because they are unable to write compound sentences. Now, I was blow drying my hair, so I think that's what was said.

Knowing this information, I felt compelled to make sure that I incorporated writing daily in my 2nd grade classroom.
Even if I'm wrong, it lit a fire under me.

But I love teaching writing, so it only made that fire bigger.

As I talk to teachers and reflect on my own teaching, one thing I've realized (it only took 12 years) is that kids aren't (at least mine aren't) taught writing vocabulary. I thought of the words that kids needed to know (I'm sure I missed some), and I created some lessons which teach both vocabulary and writing skills.
primary writing
I created five Room to Write units. In future posts, I will explain how I teach writing and problems teachers may run into. Here is a preview of what will be covered in each post.

I can't wait to share my best tried-and-true writing ideas with you!

Now let's do this my fellow teachers! Let's make writing a priority. Once kids get it, you will have a classroom filled with kids writing independently (and quietly)! Guaranteed!

Head on over to Room to Write #1: Sequence of Events

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