Friday, March 4, 2016

Five for Friday: March 4th

I love this time of year! The flowers are blooming on the trees. The bees are buzzing. But more importantly, the Easter candy is out. The peeps, the Reece's eggs, and chocolate covered marshmallows. And that's where Five for Friday number one comes in.
I'm sure most teachers were a little busy this week celebrating books, and reading, and Dr. Seuss. I like to just choose any book that I really, really like to read and use for activities. This year I chose Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld. It's a sweet story about friendship and team work.
We, and by we I mean I, decorated our door with this adorable book cover.
We made some Stick and Stone Mix. The recipe is a little complicated, but you can try it if you'd like. You'll need a bag of pretzels stick, mini marshmallows, and some chocolate chips. Mix them together and you have Stick and Stone Mix!
Have you used Socratic Seminar with your students? I'm trying it out for the first time this year. My kids really enjoy it. After each seminar, we have been choosing an M.V.P.--Most Valuable Presenter. Just a little award to show off :)
Raise your hand if you've been afraid to try something in your class because you weren't sure how it would turn out? My hand is up. Which is weird because I love to try new things. This week this teacher taught the kids about primary colors and mixing colors. I know that's nothing to brag about, but I did it. . . finally! And it was FUN! And the kids didn't get paint everywhere!
Who loves the Pioneer Woman? I do! I do! I don't really buy cookbooks because you can find pretty much any recipe online. But, I needed this cookbook. Needed! Every Pioneer Woman recipe I have followed always turns out amazing! Amazing! So this week I made her Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup recipe. And it was a winner! If you haven't tried any of her recipes, I highly recommend it. Are they healthy? Probably not, but better than going through a drive-thru.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a relaxing weekend after a long week of green eggs and ham. Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching to read some more :)


  1. Hi Stacy! I am definitely going to check out the book, Sticks and Stones and that recipe is a must do! I love the Pioneer Woman and I have a cook book or two. Funny, after I had to have them, my husband asked why since everything is online:)

  2. That Stick and Stone snack mix looks yummy. We'll have to try that next time we read the book.


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