Sunday, January 3, 2016

Valentine's Day in January! (?)

It didn't take long for stores to bring out the Valentine's Day stuff. The poor Christmas stuff is packed in a corner at about 50% off. And once all of the good stuff is gone, the rest will be at 70% off.

But being the girly girl that I am, I am drawn to the pinks and reds of Valentine's Day. The heart shaped cookie cutters and cute little cards make me so happy.

I've been teaching 2nd grade for years now, and one thing I know is that 2nd graders LOVE Valentine's Day. Or, as they would call it, Valentime's Day.

They love when they receive their little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Frozen Valentine cards. And somehow. . . Somehow! They know when somebody has forgotten to give them a card. Amazing since some can't seem to find the pencil that somebody "stole" that's right under their chair. Hmm. Interesting.

This year, as I walked through the aisles at Target (every teacher's favorite store), I came across the Valentine aisle. I saw all of the cute little bags o' stuff, which were obviously made for my classroom. There are 24 items in each bag, and this year I have been blessed with 24 amazing little 2nd graders. Perfect!

And that's when it came to me! Valentine's Day in January! One day to make each child feel special and for each child to look forward to. Each day leading up to Valentine's Day, one student will be chosen to be "bitten by the love bug." A small mailbox will be placed on his or her desk filled with some goodies and a cute little note. Get the note here :)

I thought it might be a little early, but then I did the math. . . 19 school days in January (minus one for a meeting I'll be at). 10 days in February. The 10th day being February 12th, the day we'll celebrate "Valentime's Day." Therefore, I must begin in January to give each child his or her special day.
There's nothing better than bringing smiles to our students' faces.
As teachers, me included, we get caught up in the pacing calendars and the deadlines. It's so important to me for my students to love coming to school and to feel loved. Anything I can do to support this, I'm happy to do. I'm excited to get this started! What do you do to make each child feel special?

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  1. Love it Stacy! You got me thinking about Valentine's Day early, which is always a good thing :) Your kids are lucky, what sweet gifts.


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