Friday, January 15, 2016

My I-Can't-Live-Without Bulletin Board

Do you have a bulletin board you put up every year? A must have? A my-classroom-isn't-complete-without-this-bulletin-board bulletin board? I do! It's my favorite. It's my students' favorite. They seriously try everything they can to get on this bulletin board. They use all of the creativity they can find to see their writing up there.

So what is it? I'll tell you. . .
2nd grade writing
It's my Golden Lines bulletin board.

So, what are golden lines? They are the best and most creative sentence (or two or three) in a student's writing. The sentences that have detail. The sentences that use something you've taught them. Maybe it's the adjectives, or the compound sentences, or the commas in the series, or the sentence that uses voice.

Whatever it is, it sticks out. And sometimes, it's just that sentence that your struggling student is SOOO proud of!

This board has become my favorite board over the years. It highlights my students' writing and I love it!
primary writing ideas
As a teacher, you know that writing can be very difficult. And although the entire piece of writing may need some work, there's gotta be something in each student's writing that is special, right? Right!

Look at this line! I had to do the writing here, but this was not my idea. This was a student's idea. His Golden Line.
struggling writers
Each line that is posted is special. It has meaning. It may be the most amazing sentence you've seen from a student. Or it could be the most amazing sentence you've seen from THAT student. Whatever it is, it's a place to make kids feel like they're successful.
bulletin boards
And why not let kids choose their favorite lines? Highlighters make everything better!
 student choice
And there it is! The bulletin board I can't live without. The bulletin board that stirs up creativity.

So, what's yours?


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