Friday, November 20, 2015

Research Reports for Beginning Writers

I love writing research reports with my kids! This past week, my students began writing their very first research report. When something is new, it's best to make it as simple as possible.

This is how I have my students write a research report (for starters). . .
penguin research report
For this report, the penguin report, the kids started off making a folder and pocket to hold their information. You may choose to wait for this part, but I like to get the kids excited.
research report for beginners
The kids colored, cut, and glued this super cute penguin to a sheet of construction paper. They made a little pocket on the penguin's tummy to use for storing facts, which I'll tell you about in a moment.
finding information in informational text
We took out the highlighters. Every teacher knows that highlighters make everything better. The students highlighted information about the penguin's habitat, young, features, diet, and predators.
note taking for primary students
Then they recorded notes onto the graphic organizer. I like to teach my kids how to write one or two word notes, and then transfer that into a sentence. We do this with narrative writing also. You do what works for you.
writing a research report
After the kids took notes, they wrote sentences using the notes they took. They cut out the cards, put them in a meaningful order, numbered the cards, and then put them in the penguin tummy pocket. I kept saying that in class because it sounds so cute :)
differentiated penguin passages
Now we know that each class has kids of all different reading levels. So, I had some students writing sentences, and some students cutting out pre-made fact cards. The students cutting out the pre-made cards, read them to me and worked on putting them in order.

Finally, the kids wrote the sentences from the cards onto a sheet of paper.

And voila! The kids have written a research report.

Now that the kids have written a research report with a lot of help, we'll do it again (with some help). But this time, the kids will use other resources along with the ones I'll provide.
We have several choices. . . Which will we make next?

So, I tried out something new. I made a YouTube video. Take a look at it :)

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