Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday (September 25th)

This week flew by! I think that's the sign of a great class :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday and excited to share what I've been up to!

I'm going to start with the most important thing that happened this week. How to Get Away with Murder returned. Enough said.
I completed my latest product! I am so happy with it! My students think it's the most awesome thing in the world. I figured I'd share it with everybody! Since report writing is a new concept to my little 2nd graders, I like to make it fun. What's fun for them, is fun for me :)

I began using math stations this year. I must've been living under a rock. Why has it taken so long for me to get this started? The kids love them. I love them. Everybody is happy! You can read about how I got them started here.
I showed some activities in my last Five for Friday, but the truth is I didn't link it because it needed some help. It has good stuff. It just didn't look good. I have since made some revisions and it's looking better. It's free!
I'm loving Subway A LOT lately. I don't know why. One of my sweet students brought me these coupons along with some sour gummy worms the other day. This was one of the sweetest things a student has given me :) Who knew coupons would make me so happy?

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  1. Hi Stacy! Those animal facts look adorable. I would love to know how you teach with them... Maybe an idea for a future blog post? ;)
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. I was talking to another 2nd grade teacher this summer about tackling report writing. Your animal fact projects look fantastic!
    Stories by Storie

  3. Your animal facts look AMAZING!! Bet the kids LOVE them!

    Teaching Autism

  4. How cute is that alligator!?! Thanks for sharing your creativity. I would love to read a post with more information about how you teach with these cute activities.

  5. Stacy, your animal facts product looks adorable and your blog is great! The coupons were such a sweet kid gift. Sometimes those simple little gifts from kiddos just make your heart go mushy. Have a great weekend!
    Katie Byrd
    Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree

  6. Love your animal reports! They look so fun and creative. I started using math stations a few years back and they were a bit hit with me and my students!

  7. You animal facts are beautiful! I bet the students love them!


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