Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spark Student Motivation: End of the Year

I'm linking up with Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching.

Every year I do something different for my students.
One year I filled buckets with goodies, one year I wrote letters to each student, another year I made a class photo album.

I like change :)

So, this year I'm making personalized gifts for each student. I'm just getting started, but here's a look at what I'm working on.
I bought frames from the dollar store to display each students' gift.

My grade level is using this awesome resource to encourage our kiddos to continue with good behavior. I found it at TpT in Always First with Sue Lynch's store. We have a daily activity, which the kids are so excited about. I mean excited!
End of the Year ABC Countdown IDEAS~Freebie!

Finally, we're spending about 15 minutes a day working on our memory books. As always, the kids have so much fun working on these. This freebie can be found at my store.
The end of the year can get hectic, but it's great to end it with some fun for the kids. 
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Friday, May 1, 2015

Five for Friday--Teacher Appreciation

Here it comes! Teacher Appreciation WEEK! I'll take the whole week. Not a day. A week. I hope you get lots of appreciation!
I'm not sure how often you hear it, but I appreciate you! I appreciate you for being excited about teaching. I appreciate you because you spend your free-time looking for creative ideas for your classroom. I appreciate you because you work harder than anybody I know.
Enter the giveaway for a chance
to win a $20 TpT gift certificate! 

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 I'm a little behind the times, but I let my students write on their desks for the first time this week. It. Was. Awesome! They loved it! I loved it!

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Our babies are growing up! 

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Have you heard of The Decoding Solution? I've been using this with my struggling readers and they are truly catching on. The idea is to teach kids to attack the middle of the word rather than the beginning. They are feelings so successful and excited about reading. YAY!
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 I posted my second Art in 30 activity. Read about it here.

 Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend and an even better week!

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