Monday, April 13, 2015

How I Teach Opinion Writing

I think writing an opinion paragraph can be really fun!

I wonder if any of my students would say that?

A few weeks ago, my 2nd graders began an opinion writing unit.

We started with the vocabulary--fact, opinion, and reason. I questioned whether they really needed the word fact for this unit, but I included it and it didn't hurt.

I gave each group This or That? cards. One student in each group read the card and each student took a turn answering the question.
Students worked with a partner to answer some questions.
Along the way the kids learned about sensory words, introductions, and conclusions.

Finally,  the kids got to writing! Writing is just one of those things that takes time. I love looking for ways to get kids ready. We can't just ask them to write. We have to show them. We have to build them from the bottom up. That's exactly what we did here. After the work is done, they can work independently. And that is what they'll do! They don't know that I have about 15 different prompts to give them.
These prompts are all differentiated at three different levels to meet the needs of all the kiddos in the room.

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