Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Talk Tuesday--The Day the Crayons Quit & a Craftivity

I purchased this book last spring. Best. Book. Ever! I know, I know, there are other great books out there. But after I read this book, I had to tell everybody about it. At that point it was crowned Best Book Ever.
If you've never read The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, it's about a boy whose box of crayons have, well, quit. They write him letters filled with complaints and concerns. Some crayons are upset for being overused. Others are upset for not being used at all. Whatever the case, this book is amazing!

I love reading this book to the kids. I read some pages and show the pictures, but eventually I stop showing the pictures and let the kids guess who's speaking. They love it!

After reading, I told the kids they will pretend they are crayons. They had to think of why they would be upset. So they sat down with a sheet of paper and wrote a letter to themselves. . . as a crayon.

Absolutely adorable! This activity totally brings out the creativity in kids.

We did a craft to go with our writing and they turned out so well! So colorful! My favorite!

First color the crayons, which will go inside the "crayon box."

After that, fold a full piece of yellow construction paper in half so it opens and closes like a book. Unfold and cut a U shape out of the top of the front half.
Cut out the crayons so they are stuck together. 
Place the crayons inside the folded construction paper so that it is centered and the tips of the crayons are touching the edge of the uncut side. Put glue along the U shape and close the top onto the crayons.
It will look like this once you reopen it.
Cut a 3"x4" inch piece of green construction paper corner to corner. 
Glue the green triangles onto the corners of the crayon box. Cut out and glue the word crayons into the center of the cover.

Write a letter as a crayon and glue inside the crayon box.
And that's it! 

Get what you need here to make this craftivity. 


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